What has Zibo done right in the new economy?


  • RuTao Wang Associate professor of Gansu University of Political Science and Law




Xidian University, Innovation and Entrepreneurship , Education, Higher education


“The 14th five-year plan” cultural tourism planning mentioned the overall promotion of“One Project, Seven Major Systems”, which includes the implementation of civilization promotion and upgrading projects, the improvement of the modern public cultural service system and modern cultural industry system, the perfection of the modern tourism system, modern culture and tourism market system. The “Zibo Barbecue”, a popular cultural tourism benchmark under the new plan, has provided a successful reference for the development of regional cultural tourism. [3]The biggest hint of Zibo’s booming barbecue industry to the city development is to do a good job in the service articles of “A chess game of all-round tourism" and build the core competitiveness of the service economy.


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