Drivers and Constraints Affecting the Transition to Sustainable Farming Practices


  • Hassan Anwer National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)



Transition to Sustainable, Farming Practices


Farmers' decisions to use farming practices and their ability to advance the sustainability trajectory are influenced by many external forces, such as markets, public policy, science, technology, available knowledge and skills, and farmers' own values, resources, and land tenure arrangements.

A su vez, el mercado, la política y la estructura del conocimiento están influenciados por los esfuerzos de amplios movimientos sociales y grupos de interés organizados que tienen diferentes perspectivas sobre cómo debe organizarse la agricultura y cómo deben producirse y distribuirse los alimentos. Comprender los impulsores y las tendencias puede dirigir la atención de las políticas hacia dónde se pueden realizar cambios para influir en las decisiones de los agricultores para abordar eficazmente los desafíos In turn, the market, politics, and the structure of knowledge are influenced by the efforts of broad social movements and organized interest groups that have different perspectives on how agriculture should be organized and how food should be produced and distributed. Understanding drivers and trends can direct policy attention to where changes can be made to influence farmers' decisions to effectively address challenges.


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