image/svg+xmlJournal of Latin American Sciences and Culture,5(7)18EditorialDear authors, reviewers, and readers. In the past few months, the Journal of Latin American Sciences and Culture (JLASC) has compiled views from various scholars to stimulate further thinking and dialogue about the connection between humans, peace, governance, violence in teenage couples, biodiversity, green science, climate change, energy, education, and culture. We feel honored and fortunate to be a part of this peer-reviewed international journal which is aware of the importance and necessity of diversity. As we continue to diversify as a board, we are proud of what already makes our journal unique. We will continue to publish papers on diverse topics and for diverse applications.The continued success of the journal is due to the eforts of our high-caliber team of editors, board members, reviewers, contributors, readers, and supporting staf. An enormous amount of efort has been devoted to improving the journal and we believe one way you will see this refected is in shorter decision turnaround times.We thank all our submiting authors who choose JLASC as the journal to publish your research. Several new reviewers assisted us during 2022 and 2023 for the stringent evaluation process and we sincerely thank you all and look forward to your continued support and goodwill.If you have relevant expertise and interest in becoming a reviewer for JLASC, we welcome you to reach out. Our email address is here: editorial@journalasc.orgWe look forward to our continued work with you, our authors, reviewers, and readers, as we continue to serve the journal. Your suggestions, thoughts, and discussions on how we continue to progress are always welcome.With best regards for the second half of the yearProf. Dr. Marco A. Cabero Z. On behalf of the Editorial Board